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SON BLACK is a german singer and guitar player who has released four albums and an EP in german language, under the name of BURNAVENTURA. Now he returned to his roots…and that is simple rock-music, with influences of soul, blues…well and… pop in English language.

Influenced by american singer-songwriters like Bruce Springsteen, John Mellencamp, Tom Petty, Tom Waits…among others…he developed his very own style, which re-defines the old-school method of songwriting, but transporting it into modern arrangements and a “state of the art-kind of production”, which mixes rough sounding instruments/guitars and vintage equipment played live to some 2011-drum-souns, etc…it`s simply the best of both worlds, which you are going to hear on this album. Above it all, the characteristic guitar playing, which is always on the point and never looses itself into wild speed, without any expressions, is going to find your attention. But it is NOAH BLACK`s voice, which is always the most important thing in this sound-experience. Reminding many people of the young Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart, or …well whoever…it`s definitely his own style and expression, that makes the songs special.

  While on the one hand, SON BLACK wants to rock, when it comes to tracks like “What dreams are made of/A story to tell, or the nearly hardrockin`” Never”, he is also serving slow tunes like the emotional/bluesy “If you wanna leave”, or the jazz-soul-song “Salted water kisses”. Even, when he adds some reggae influences to his music, (like you hear on “Faces of the world”, or the complex “I can`t wait”, which even features a young guy from Kurdistan), NOAH BLACK never forgets to deliever great pop-melodies, that will never leave your ears again, once you experienced them.

The first single of the album is going to be the outstanding MAKE THAT CHANGE, which will be featured on a sampler, which is named after SON BLACK `S Song FACES OF THE WORLD.
The world famous, german company MEYRA, which is manufacturing high-class Wheelchairs, among other equipment for handicapped people, is using the song, from may 2011 on, as a theme song, not only for the company, but even for a big charity-Project, which includes a big deliverance of Wheelchairs and other medical equipment for the victims of the tsunami and the big earthquake in Japan.
The song is going to be translated into Japanese language. This version will be even featured on the single (the original song is the main-theme song) to this big Charity Project, sung by a choire of german and Japanese children, organised by the “Deutsch-Japanische-Gesellschaft”.

SON BLACK will be supporting his album with many concerts with his fabulous Band THE LIBERATION PROJECT BAND. You can expect a rockin`, soulful live set, right in the tradition of all those great performers, which are named at the beginning of this text. The tour starts in autumn.

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